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Travel Sales Effectiveness

Get the most from each customer interaction with Nexidia Analytics


As the travel business increasingly moves more and more online, it is vital that each and every contact you have with potential customers is a positive and profitable one. More than just simply booking a reservation, sales effectiveness is about ensuring that your customers are presented with the offers that will appeal most to them. With so many interactions across multiple channels, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with what’s working and what needs to be changed.

Nexidia Analytics provides not only a way to listen to every single interaction that your company receives, but a valuable system of building business plans. By analyzing past interactions, your company can focus in on the best practices specific to your company and begin the process of implementing them across the board. Using those performance metrics, your company can quickly see the areas that need the most attention. Nexidia Analytics will allow your company to:


  • Locate and quantify specific events, building metrics to align with corporate objectives such as offers made versus upsell opportunities

  • Correlate data points such as customer spend and purchase history to build predictive models, prioritizing customers with a propensity to buy and create the next-best offer

  • Identify high performing agents and base best practices off their behavior

  • Establish thresholds and work with agents, measuring performance against sales driven metrics

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