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Technology Sales Effectiveness

Nexidia Analytics can help you not only design the best offer, but offer it at the right time.


There is a good chance that your company is losing a lot of money in the form of missed sales. Each time your contact center agents don’t identify an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity, your company has lost out on additional revenue. The problem is that your company receives a lot of interactions and it’s difficult to manage every sales opportunity during every interaction. Beyond even those missed sales is the fact that it can be difficult to determine how successful a campaign was. With so many moving parts, how is your company to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not?

Nexidia Analytics provides not only a way to listen to every single interaction that your company receives, but a valuable system of building business plans. By analyzing past interactions, your company can focus in on the sales strategy that will resonate the most with your customers. Since each interaction is being recorded, documented and analyzed, your company can begin to see what’s working and what needs to be changed in the sales process. Nexidia Analytics will allow your company to:


  • Locate and quantify specific events, building metrics to align with corporate objectives such as offers made versus upsell opportunities

  • Correlate data points such as customer spend and purchase history to build predictive models, prioritizing customers with a propensity to buy and create the next-best offer

  • Identify high performing agents and base best practices off their behavior

  • Establish thresholds and work with agents, measuring performance against sales driven metrics

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