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Guaranteed Scalablilty, Security, Support with Nexidia's Hosting Services

When considering the amount of storage space and processing power it takes to ingest and analysis all of your customer interactions, an on premise data center can quickly become an expensive proposition. Beyond the cost, you'll also have to consider the time and effort required to deploy and support such an environment. 

Nexidia's Hosting Services provides you with an economic, PCI-Compliant hosting environment for safe data storage. Your company will get all the benefits of customer interaction analytics without the cost or infrastructure of an onsite system.  With Nexidia's Hosting Services, your company will receive:

Scalability and Full Integration:  Regardless of your audio volume, Nexidia economically scales to meet your large capacity needs. Additionally, Nexidia’s flexible platform seamlessly integrates with nearly any legacy recording system to capture interactions and meta-data. Varying audio qualities, accents, formats and languages easily integrate as well.

Security: Each customer environment built is guaranteed to be PCI complaint, and with yearly audits to ensure validation, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.

Unparalleled Support: Every step of the way, Nexidia’s Consulting and Professional Services team will work with you to prove the value of our technology. Leveraging Nexidia’s best practices in interaction analytics, you’ll benefit from market-leading solutions and deep cross-industry expertise.

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