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It is the cultivated relationship between the Nexidia Consulting Services Team and your company that give our services their impact. Together, both teams establish how to use the analytic technology as part of the larger, long-term aim of the business. Decisions can be operationally focused at the agent level within the contact center, can influence the enterprise as a whole, or both. Working in concert with you, our resources take the facts and figures provided by the analysis of your customer interactions and interpret and communicate them to the appropriate people within your organization. This collaborative process ensures that not only are solutions identified, but that meaningful actions around these solutions are taken. Nexidia Consulting Service supplies:

  • Leadership: Companies often have no systematic way of implementing analytics and applying their findings. Our ability to establish governance brings the structure and rigor needed to collect relevant business information from customer interactions and work with those in your enterprise who produce change.
  • Quantified Results: Through the development of industry specific KPIs and performance metrics, Nexidia's Consulting Services provides your company with the ability to chart your growth. 
  • Organizational Change: Nexidia's professional services team members offer data strategy guidelines that lead to valuable processes improvements. 


Nexidia's Consulting Services team helps your company maximize the potential of Nexidia solutions in the most cost-efficient manner through the Balanced Scorecard approach. Neixida takes into account: 

  • Your company's business strategy and vision
  • Products and services you provide
  • The various channels your customer use
  • The geographies in which your company operates 
  • Level of maturity of skill-sets within your organization


That information combined with the scorecard enables Nexidia to help your company build or refine business cases, determine metrics and KPIs, advise and oversee solution configurations, analyze data, transfer knowledge as well as measure and monitor results with leading governance practices and program management.  

This approach considers the opportunities and trade-offs between four key areas:


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Sales Effectiveness &

Customer Retention

Customer Satisfaction


 Cost to Serve


Compliance &

Agent Performance

Making a

Successful Sale

Caller Intent


Agent Evaluations

Up-sell & X-Sell


First Call Resolution

Average Handle Time

Quality Program 


Marketing Promotion


Customer Sentiment

Process & Technology 


Regulatory Compliance

Partner Channel


Escalations / Transfers

Self-Service Channel


Training Opportunity


Churn Prediction &

Customer Retention

Social Media

Policy Change Impact

Real-Time Monitoring

& Agent Assist

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