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Media & Entertainment Nexidia Illuminate™

Nexidia Illuminate™

Discover a new world of accurate, compliant media

Nexidia Illuminate verifies captioning, video description, and languages, at an unrivaled speed, accuracy, and scalability. From ensuring the quality of your captions throughout the life of the asset—from creation through broadcast and distribution—to automatically correcting captions timing errors, to verifying presence of video description and spoken or captioned language, Illuminate provides the solutions to your most pressing media needs at a price per hour that is unrivaled.

Nexidia Illuminate includes:


undefinedEnsure that the right caption appears with the right media in the right language, from ingest to playout and beyond. Compare two audio tracks to verify the presence and locations of video/audio description.


undefinedAn accurate, scalable, and affordable automated broadcast compliance solution that empowers broadcasters to verify that captions, language, and video description meet regulatory requirements. 


undefinedAutomatically adjust caption timing errors.




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