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Media & Entertainment Integrated Technology

Power Your Application with Patented Nexidia Technologies

With Nexidia, you can put the power of speech to work for you. SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is thoroughly documented for quick and straightforward integration into your application, asset manager, web site or cloud service. In addition, Nexidia technologies includes support for a variety of languages. For a full list of supported languages, click here.

Nexidia Workbench SDK

Nexidia Workbench SDK is simple to license and gives you quick access to virtually all of Nexidia's latest core technology, include speech search, transcript and caption to media synchronization, caption alignment, language identification, key word monitoring and alerts,  music, speech and silence detection, and more. The SDK is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, , is virtual machine compatible, and is thoroughly documented for quick and straightforward integration into your application or service. Learn more here

Nexidia SearchGrid™ SDK

Nexidia Search Grid is a scalable audio search infrastructure designed to be incorporated into your mission-critical applications. Search Grid can scale to dozens of servers enabling your applications to provide results from our patented phonetic search technology across millions of hours of media in just a few seconds. To learn more, click here.

Features include: 

  • Data replication and automatic failover 
  • Low-latency response time for search request Highly diverse set of supported media codes including a plugable framework for adding proprietary codecs 
  • Multi-tenant support enables hosting of multiple, securely segmented data sets in the same instance of Search Grid 
  • RESTful web service interface accessible from any programming platform with HTTP and XML support 
  • Client code examples, available in Microsoft .NET and Oracle java, help get the application running with phonetic audio search in a single day

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