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Selecting the Right Option for Your Audio Discovery Needs

Nexidia offers several Audio Discovery choices to meet your needs. Often urgency and short deadlines will determine the nature of the project, while at other times, early planning can help reduce the overall scope of the project. Whatever your needs, Nexidia has the solution.

Audio Discovery OnDemand

As a law firm or corporate counsel in need of Audio Discovery in an ongoing, project based environment, Audio Discovery OnDemand provides the ideal solution. A powerful combination of web-based software and services, Audio Discovery OnDemand combines Nexidia’s expertise with our powerful software while eliminating IT and infrastructure costs. With Audio Discovery OnDemand you can tap in to Nexidia’s professional services team to quickly locate, analyze, and organize sound recordings. <More Information

Nexidia Search and Discovery

For government and regulatory agencies or corporate counsels seeking an installed discovery solution, the Nexidia Search and Discovery software offers tremendous flexibility and speed. It is unmatched in its capability to ingest and index hundreds of thousands of hours of recorded audio and rapidly make the audio content phonetically searchable. Users are then able to create and apply search terms and queries to the audio collection. <More Information


AudioFinder provides organizations a mobile audio and video search solution for small projects.  A flexible, stand-alone application, AudioFinder offers the power of Nexidia’s technologies in a simple application that runs on the desktop. AudioFinder enables users to index and search audio and video content, playback relevant audio files, and make annotations. <More Information

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