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Legal Audio Discovery

Tap Into Audio to Discover Critical Evidence

Search and review...faster than ever before.

The increase in energy and financial services trading floor recordings, digital conferencing, and voicemail has resulted in a significant expansion of audio discovery. Traditionally, law firms and electronic discovery companies have relied on manual transcription and human listening for audio discovery. However, transcription is slow and costly, and human listening is ineffective for locating the few statements that may be critical to your case or investigation. And neither method is scalable or economically feasible.

Whether you are responding to:

  • a regulatory request,
  • a discovery demand, or
  • an internal investigation

Nexidia makes audio recordings easily reviewable and replaces the costly process of manual transcription and human listening with an efficient alternative. 

Regulators & Corporations Find Audio Relevant

Over the last decade, federal and foreign regulatory agencies have increased their investigatory and compliance workload. These agencies have increasingly adopted Nexidia’s Forensic Search to efficiently review thousands of hours of recorded content.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) all use Nexidia for investigations into company transactions, and a growing body of trading companies are using Nexidia to help sort through recordings for both regulatory and litigation requests. In addition, Nexidia is used by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), OfCom in the UK, and several other foreign regulatory agencies for audio investigations into a variety of commercial activities.

Two industries that generate a great deal of recorded content are Energy and Financial trading. As a result of regulatory inquiries, corporations are often faced with requests for significant volumes of voice recordings and very short deadlines. Content must be reviewed prior to responding to requests, and in most cases Nexidia is the only technology that can make it available for search and review in a timely manner.

Corporate Voicemail Compliance and Internal Investigations

Many companies are deploying Unified Messaging Systems that store voicemails in the email inbox, creating potential discovery issues. Corporate attorneys and compliance officers are increasingly being required to manage audio content in litigation and compliance issues. 

Nexidia Compliance Management for Financial Services

As the financial services industry responds to the effects of regulatory reform, technology advancements and market movements, organizations are seeking strategic ways to gain insight into high risk transactions and compliance breaches.  Increased litigation, fines and other enforcement actions heightens scrutiny of compliance practices, and creates the need to manage risk by investigating non-traditional channels such as recorded conversations between traders and third parties. Tapping into this rich repository of unstructured data provides insight to fraudulent and illegal activity before regulators arrive.

Nexidia Compliance Management is an interaction analytics toolset designed for banking and capital firms in their endeavor to manage compliance and mitigate risk. Leveraging Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™ that combines large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) and patented phonetic indexing and search techniques, Nexidia Compliance Management produces word-level transcriptions, phonetic indices and customer sentiment scores. This output facilitates the rapid discovery of interaction content, enabling compliance officers to uncover potential fraud and non-compliant trader behavior, and categorize interactions by compliance or risk topic. Once topics are identified, a customizable workflow manages flagged transactions through a review and remediation process.

  • Automated Data Exploration: rapid discovery of interaction content, enabling compliance officers to uncover potential fraud and non-compliant trader behavior
  • Simplified Topic Organization: guided, graphical interface to create structured audio queries that are based on business logic and regulatory mandates
  • Advanced Search Techniques: searches enable investigators to create compliance events defined as combinations of spoken phrases and structured metadata that are topics of importance to regulatory risk management
  • Flexible Solution: automatically detects high risk transactions across locations, trading environments, languages, jargon, and accents
  • Customizable Workflow: utilize event data and metrics to manage and govern review cycles and backlogs

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