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Healthcare Sales Effectiveness

Maximizing enrollments through the use of Nexidia Analytics


The nature of the healthcare industry is that there is only a small window in which to reach potential members or retain current customers. With the onslaught of new policies and regulations, it is more important than ever to use that time as effectively as possible. The problem is knowing not only the most effective plan of action, but how to go about it. To succeed, plans must understand member concerns, competitive challenges, and their agents’ performance.

With Nexidia Analytics your company will have the power to review and quantify all your historic data. With that information your company will be able to design the most effective enrollment strategy possible and recognize the most ideal time to roll it out. In addition, Nexidia can provide you with the tools to ensure that the programs you've created are being put into place and are succeeding. With the power of Nexidia Analytics your company will be able to:

  • Active monitor agent effectiveness for objection handling and closing
  • Identify specific areas of customer confusion with respect to plan options and coverage boundaries
  • Design effective enrollment packages and schedule their roll out according to the most ideal timing
  • Track positive outcomes to quickly identify best practices for replication across centers

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