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Healthcare Customer Satisfaction

Improving member experience through Nexidia Analytics


In the complex processes of providing healthcare solutions, there are a lot of areas where gaps can form. Those gaps often manifest themselves as member frustration at service shortfalls or other broken business processes. It’s vital then that your company be able to find and fix those gaps in order to keep your current member base happy and willing to stay with you. The problem is that in the short amount of time you have to work with your customers during an annual enrollment period, it can be very difficult to identify the shortfalls fast enough.

By taking advantage of the data behind each and every interaction your company receives from your members, Nexidia Analytics can provide continuous information regarding fractures in service allowing your company to better design the ideal solution. With the help of Nexidia Analytics, your company will have the ability to

  • Track customer effort metrics and sentiment via easy-to-read dashboards
  • Proactively respond to emerging trends that reveal customer confusion or dissatisfaction
  • Pinpoint where experience improvements can be made through root cause analysis to diagnose service breakdowns
  • Quantify results of those improvements and proactively monitor agent performance, eliminating the need to wait on survey results

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