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Healthcare Cost to Serve

Finding the balance between efficient and effective customer service with Nexidia Analytics


As the healthcare market shifts to a more consumer driven, retail-like atmosphere, health insurance companies have to bolster service to retain and increase membership. The problem is that good customer service is expensive. Additionally, there are often gaps in that service that cost not only money, but member loyalty. The key is to find a solution that is cost effective and efficient; to ensure that your company is saving money while still offering the highest quality of service. Seems pretty impossible, right?

With Nexidia Analytics your company will have the power to find the root cause of service lapses and design the best fixes possible. From determining reasons for repeat interactions to increasing your company’s first contact resolution rate, Nexidia can help you deep dive into your data and find the answers to your questions. With Nexidia Analytics, your company will be able to:

  • Understand where experience improvements can be made through contact classification, targeted listening and the identification of negative sentiment
  • Monitor agent performance dashboards and facilitate self-evaluation capabilities
  • Understand root causes of issues to better design the programs that specifically address those problems
  • Proactively respond to emerging trends that reveal customer confusion or dissatisfaction

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