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Healthcare Compliance

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As regulations for the Heathcare industry continue to evolve under the Affordable Care Act, healthcare providers have to pay more and more attention to proper compliance procedures. From proper pause/resume practices to ensuring that your agents are providing the correct information in a timely fashion, your healthcare company has the potential for more compliance breaches than ever before. With so much information flowing into and out of your contact centers, how are you to ensure that your company is following the regulations? 

Nexidia Analytics provides you with the ability to monitor each and every customer contact that comes into your company allowing you to pinpoint the areas that are working and the faulty processes that need to be addressed. From charting a customer's journey to ensure that they are receiving the help they need, when they need it, to quantifying agent performance, Nexidia can provide you with the solutions to help your company remain compliant and service your members better than ever imaged possible. With Nexidia Analytics, your company will have the ability to: 

  • Monitor 100% of their interactions, search for any phrase, at any time, and utilize the phrases in analysis
  • Incorporate real-time monitoring and alerting through Nexidia Scan and Agent Assist to reinforce required behaviors
  • Confidently know what’s in the audio and text to ease the anxiety associated with an audit
  • Utilize post-call and text analytics to measure agent adherence

Find out how Nexidia can help you identify and fix compliance issues before they get out of hand. Ready to get started? Contact Us to learn more.

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