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Uncover Critical Defense Intelligence with Nexidia's Advanced Audio Search Technology.

Today, a large percentage of the world's voice traffic is recorded for security purposes and most of it is manually monitored by analysts and linguists. This complex process- translating, transcribing, and searching through vast amounts of communications- not only costs precious time, money, and resources, but can also lead to an increased chance of missing critical information that could have been identified as a significant threat.

Nexidia automates the search process, increases operator efficiency and provides targeted listening - all with minimal impact to your agency's current workflow.  The result is faster, better analysis that enables superior threat detection and response.

Nexidia is the leading provider of phonetic speech technology solutions to agencies including the U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence gathering organizations and Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies. Nexidia's advanced technology quickly processes large sets of audio files by identifying phoneme patterns, the smallest units of speech.  This makes it possible to identify the most critical intelligence in seconds, rather than hours or days – aiding in the mission to immediately identify and prioritize threats and topics of interest. By enabling agencies to analyze large amounts of recorded audio/video data often in multiple languages at unprecedented speeds, Nexidia helps win the battle against information overload.

Don't Miss Critical Information that Identifies Significant Threats.

Nexidia's powerful audio discovery technology enables you to tap into the wealth of information that comes from audio content and easily analyze every recording for timely intelligence - and all with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and scalablity.

With Nexidia, your intelligence teams can conduct searches on source material in 35 languages from a variety of sources such as telephone conversations...even with low-quality audio.  It also should be noted, that most Nexidia systems have proven mission success and are at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9.

  • Force Multiplier: Save precious time and money while improving effectiveness with Nexidia audio search technology's ability to automatically mine critical intelligence from your audio sources.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Easily deploy the technology as a standalone solution on a small tactical laptop in the field or as a distributed, server-side solution that can process large amounts of audio feeds and archived data.
  • Minimize Budget Impact: Manage your spend effectively with the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. Nexidia is the only solution that does not require you to invest in new/additional hardware or manpower to process large volumes of audio.
  • Maximize User Efficiency: Target topics of interest within audio files and listen only to those that meet your criteria. You can also specify searches to exclude certain words or phrases.

Empower Your Organization with Nexidia to Immediately Experience the Benefits of Audio Search and Discovery.

Now it is possible to have immediate access to critical intelligence from the massive amounts of recorded audio with the world's fastest and most accurate and scalable audio search technology.

With Nexidia's variety of deployment options, you can immediately discover the benefits of the industry's most powerful and flexible audio search technology.  We offer technical solutions at full production ready Technology Readiness Level 9 as well as access to the most basic development level APIs that enable solutions to be built to any requirements.