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Financial Services Sales Effectiveness

Using data analytics to better understand what offers to create and how well they are working.


For a company to see an increase in revenue, there has to be more than simply making a sales offer. It's more vital than ever to understand what opportunity to offer, who to offer it to, and to quantify the success and agent adoption once the strategy has been put into place. The problem is that with so many customer interactions coming into your company's contact centers on a daily basis, how are you to figure out not only what your customers will respond to, but how effective your agents are at presenting the offers? 

Nexidia Analytics provides not only a way to evaluate every single interaction that your company receives, but a valuable system of focusing on what's working and what's not. By analyzing past interactions, your company can quantitatively target the sales strategy that will resonate the most with your customers. Since each interaction is being recorded and analyzed, your company can begin to building best practices based on the highest performers, ensuring your entire contact center is working towards the same goals. Nexidia Analytics will allow your company to:

  • Customize data set analysis and reporting based on specific KPIs unique to the financial services industry
  • Locate and quantify specific events, building metrics to align with corporate objectives such as offers made versus upsell opportunities
  • Establish thresholds and work with agents, measuring performance against sales driven metrics
  • Determine success and retention of agent training to influence future training decisions


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