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Financial Services Customer Satisfaction

Nexidia Analytics can help you find the root of customer dissatisfaction and eliminate it. 


In the financial services industry, customers have a wide range of choices. Negative experiences that can drive a customer to a competitor are unacceptable. Repeat calls, texts, chats, emails, multiple branch visits, or excessive documentation are just a few examples of increased customer effort that can cause customer defection. The key, then, is to find and reduce those points of effort for your customers and make any process, from getting a new ATM card to transferring money as easy and efficient as possible. But where to begin?

The customers are telling you all the ways that they are working too hard. They are reaching out and expressing their frustrations with processes. The key is to listen intelligently to what they are saying or writing, find the root causes, and fix them. Through the use of deep dive analytics and sentiment modeling, Nexidia Analytics can help you hear your customer and delivers insights to:

  • Understand the business practices and behaviors that drive customer satisfaction
  • Simplify the customer experience, through methods such as quicker caller identification
  • Attract new customers by offering an easier path to service than the competition
  • Statistically determine which business processes and agent behaviors have the greatest impact on customer behavior


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