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Financial Services Cost to Serve

Finding and fixing the issues for reduced cost to serve


Excellent customer service is expensive and with the ubiquity of technology such as mobile and online banking, financial services companies are having to respond to a wider range of requests and issues from their customers. If a company isn’t prepared for the onslaught of calls there is a good chance that unnecessary steps are appearing in business processes across the board. Repeat calls, mismanaged service, and unproductive processes are all indications that something is not working as well as it should. 

Nexidia Analytics provides the way to find and fix those inefficient processes through analysis of one of your most important assets; your customer interactions. By finding the root causes of expensive processes, your company can provide the fix that gives your customers a smooth experience and saves you money. Nexidia can help your financial services company to:

  • Rapidly identify unproductive processes and behaviors and understand their root cause and impact through dashboards and analysis tools
  • Determine if a diversion of customer interactions to alternate, less costly contact channels is feasible
  • Understand the downstream impact an operational decision has on customers, quantify the impact it has on inbound interactions and measure the associated costs
  • Determine gaps in workflow to eliminate redundant processes

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