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Contact Centers Cost to Serve

Cutting cost to serve and building customer loyalty with Nexidia Analytics


Providing good customer service is expensive. With each call that comes into your contact center, you’re spending money to keep that customer as happy as possible. There is a good chance, however, that while you’re spending that money, your customers aren’t as happy as they could be. Each defect in your business process from the root causes of repeat calls to unnecessary external processes costs your company money and leaves your customers dissatisfied. So, while the old adage is true about spending and making money, chances are your company can find some ways to cut costs. But with hundreds of thousands of hours of interactions pouring into your contact centers on a daily basis, how can you and your company expect to weed the vital from the unnecessary?

The answer, interestingly enough, is in the question. In those thousands upon thousands of interactions your company receives are causes, trends, and problems waiting to be discovered. Through the use of Nexidia Analytics you will be able to identify the root causes of the repeat calls, ensure your agents are following the proper troubleshooting steps, and avoid unnecessary processes. Through the leveraging of Nexidia Analytics, your company will be able to:

  • Identify the root cause of issues that cause long talk times or repeat calls
  • Understand your technical calls and ensure agents follow the correct troubleshooting steps before issuing a service call
  • Determine gaps in workflow to eliminate redundant processes
  • Monitor problems resulting in high volumes and identify areas for more effective call routing

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