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Understanding what drives customer churn enables you to keep customers happy and loyal


The cold, hard fact is that customer defection is costly. More and more companies are discovering that avoiding customer churn is more vital than ever. In fact, reducing churn by only 1% can result in an addition of millions of dollars to your company’s bottom line. Customer retention is, at heart, about being proactive and predicting the possibility of churn before it happens. The good news is that you have all the indicators of imminent customer defection coming from the customers themselves; hidden in plain sight in past customer contacts. The problem is that, for a lot of companies, that data lacks any real context.

Through the use of Nexidia Analytics, your company can begin to make sense of all that’s been said in the past by customers who’ve left in order to create business processes that solve problems before they even arise. By analyzing thousands of hours of interactions, Nexidia gives you the ability to provide context, chart trends, and find the root causes of customer churn. This information allows your company to create processes that will reduce customer deflection and, with Nexidia's help, enables you to quantifiably measure the success of the programs. Nexidia Analytics helps provide insight into the customer experiences that are most likely leading to churn and allows companies to:

  • Analyze historic defection data to create models for predicting future churn
  • Understand causes and effects of customer churn and how to design procedures to reduce the defection rate
  • Prioritize at risk customers based on search results combined with customer data
  • Collect information to refine retention marketing offers that are better tailored to customer types and demographics

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