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Communications Compliance

Monitor and Act on Compliance Issues Before They Become Problems


With the speed and ubiquity of social media, dissatisfied customers have a wealth of options when it comes to airing their grievances. When faced with a particularly difficult process or rude contact center agent, customers are quick to Tweet their complaints or upload their trials to YouTube. More times than not, those problem areas could have been avoided altogether, saving the customer the frustration and the company the negative press. In order to avoid these potentially embarrassing and damaging incidents, however, your company will need to keep a watchful eye on all the interactions coming and going from your company’s contact centers.

With the help of Nexidia Analytics your company will be able to listen intelligently to each and every contact your company has with your customers, whether over the phone or via email, chat or text. As a result, your company will have the ability to pinpoint the areas that are causing your customers the most frustration and allow you to fix them. By sending flagged transactions through a review and escalation process, your company can begin both fixing the current issues and heading off the future ones. With Nexidia Analytics your compliance teams will be able to:

  • Utilize historical data analytics to quantify and measure current agent adherence
  • Monitor agent interactions, search for any phrase, at any time, and utilize the phrases in issue resolution and training exercises
  • Incorporate real-time monitoring and alerting through Nexidia Scan and Agent Assist to reinforce required behaviors
  • Confidently know what’s in the audio and text to ease the anxiety associated with an audit


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