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Collections Compliance Risk and Avoidance

Remain compliant and avoid risk with Nexidia Analytics


With regulatory oversight coming from the federal, state, and local level, collections agencies exist in the one of the most complicated and rigorously monitored industries. From right party identification to the inclusion of the mini-Miranda, it is vital that collections agents follow the proper steps in each and every contact. The issue is that your agency works with a huge amount of interactions on a daily basis. How are you to monitor all those interactions while also ensuring you have a plan in action to help the non-compliant agents?

With Nexidia Analytics your company can analyze each and every single interaction to ensure that your agents are saying what they should and at the correct times. As you begin to find the agents that aren’t complying, you can take proactive steps to ensure that those agents are getting the necessary coaching and monitor their progress. Nexidia can also enable your company to customize the results based on the individual state regulations that you work within. Nexidia Analytics will allow your collections agency to:

  • Monitor calls in real-time and send alerts to both collectors and supervisors to correct violations before a call has ended and potentially results in a fine
  • Analyze each and every interaction to quickly identify all occurrences or absences of mandatory disclosures or use of inappropriate language or behavior and track to an individual level
  • Display results in easily consumed dashboards, allowing management to quickly identify areas of concern


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