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Collections Collections Effectiveness

Streamlining processes and increasing collections effectiveness with Nexidia Analytics


With the sheer amount of interactions that your company has in a given day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the gaps in agent effectiveness. The old way of pulling a call here or there simply isn’t efficient and in the meantime, your company is missing out on a huge amount of potential revenue. The issue is pinpointing the areas of your business processes that need the most work.


With Nexidia Analytics your company can put into place a proven system that will help your company become much more efficient at the collections process. By utilizing historic data analysis, Nexidia can help you by providing key steps associated with the exact sequence of the payment request to ensure that your agents are approaching each call in the most effective way. With Nexidia your company can:


  • View results of collector performance against company specific KPIs at the site, team and individual level

  • Evaluate collectors against 100% of their interactions and use targeted listening versus random sampling to hone in on areas where additional coaching on best collection practices is needed

  • Score agents using customized evaluation forms while listening to calls and utilize additional functionalities such as calibration and self-assessments to improve performance

  • Utilize real-time monitoring to guide agents through best practices as the call is happening

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