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IVR Optimization

82% of customers today are dissatisfied with IVR. Giving them what they want, with the least possible hassle, means greater satisfaction for them and savings for you. 

Increase your IVR containment, improve self-service, and reduce call volume to customer service agents.

NICE IVR Optimization provides organizations with actionable insights regarding opportunities to streamline contact center operations and boost customer self-service. The solution creates a dynamic mapping of the complete customer journey and helps to investigate the IVR complexity to identify flows, operational bottlenecks, drop-offs, and deflection points in deep detail.

The ability to quickly visualize not only the IVR user flow, but also where traffic is greater and what percentage of customers are satisfied without needing to route to the contact center opens up opportunities for improved customer experience and customer satisfaction at the very first point of contact.


Optimize your customer connections.

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