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Nexidia Scan and Agent Assist™

An agile, easy to implement solution that deals with emerging situations and opportunities as they happen in real-time.

Nexidia Scan and Agent Assist™ is a tactical, agile, real-time monitoring and decisioning solution enabling your contact center to respond immediately to emerging issues as they are happening. The solution triggers agent and supervisor alerts based on configurable events and powers agent desktop alerting with relevant information. Scan and Agent Assist provides real-time decisioning that enables companies to change agent behavior and maximize performance management.

  • Phrase Expressions Combined with Sentiment Thresholds: Find the most relevant interactions on which to make real-time decisions based on business topics combined with sentiment detectors.
  • Reduce Average Handle Time: By minimizing time spent searching for information in knowledgebases, agents can resolve calls quicker, leading to lower Average Handle Time and improved customer service.
  • Increase Sales: Making agents aware of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities during the call leads to greater conversion rates.
  • Improve First Call Resolution: Ensuring agents have the information needed to correctly address the customer's issue reduces repeat calls.

Learn how you can begin gaining valuable insights for your business today.Contact us to find how or request a demo to see Nexidia in action.

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