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Nexidia Capture™ 

Record and store each and every call for efficient, real-time results

With Nexidia Capture™ , your company will always have all your phone interactions available for analysis. By eliminating the need to negotiate with a third party to transfer your data to Nexidia, you're company will decrease the "time-to-insight" and increase the benefits of Nexidia Interaction Analytics. Nexidia Capture™ also supports optional screen recording. 

With Nexidia Capture™ your company will have:

  • Direct Interface: Voice interface allows you to tap into either a traditional switching (TDM) environment or VoIP networks. 
  • Eliminate Legacy Recording: Nexidia Capture™ records calls and meta-data directly from the switching environment, allowing contact centers to by-pass their costly and closed legacy recording systems.
  • Data Storage: Data is stored in a standard, secure file system architecture, ensuring easy integration with your other systems.
  • Screen Capture: An additional option for screen capture allows contact centers to gain a complete view of agent and business processes by combining the audio with a visual record of the agent's desktop.
  • PCI-Compliant Pause and Resume: Mute a portion of the call recording and/or screen capture using CRM integration API (HTTP); for example, muting segments with credit card information. 

Learn how you can begin capturing valuable insights today. Contact us to find out how or request a demo to see Nexidia in action. 

Now is the time for your data to start working for you.

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