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Nexidia Analytics

Nexidia Analytics organizes, analyzes, and operationalizes multichannel contact center interactions - providing crucial insight into the business in order to solve the business challenges and improve customer engagement.

With Nexidia Analytics, you'll have the power to:

  • Drive Organizational Change  While interactions may originate in the contact center, the business insight they contain resonates throughout the entire organization. Marketing, product, customer care, and even technical support can all benefit from being able to find and quantify customer behavioral events. By knowing when, how often, and why events such as competitive mentions, negative sentiment, unresolved issues, or accepted or rejected marketing offers take place, companies can drive positive change.
  • Harness Technology Advantages:  Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™, the power behind Nexidia Analytics, smartly combines phonetic indexing and search with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in a way that offers the most scalable, accurate, and flexible solution available. This unsurpassed scalability is possible via Nexidia Search Grid™, a MapReduce framework for building distributed interaction analytics applications that allows for volume or retention expansion while still maintaining only one logical instance of the system.
  • Leverage the Power of Big Data  Treating an interaction as an interaction, and capturing 100% of customer interactions adds crucial behavioral data about the customer’s experience to traditional transactional data, increasing the accuracy of predictive models and adding value to other big data applications.

As part of Nexidia Analytics you'll get the power and functionality of Discovery, Analytics and Reporting, and Performance Management.



Automate Data Exploration: Detects emerging trends across interaction channels without knowing what to look for.

Timely Results: Eliminates the need for user-initiated set-up and gives you a jumping off point for deeper analysis, thus shortening the time to insight.

Quickly Determine Impact: The system adapts as new phraseology comes into use, helping you to quickly see the effects of new improvement plans and marketing campaigns or to identify market conditions. 

Ease of Use: Easy drag and drop interface allows even the novice user to organize topics and create effective queries for deeper analytics.




Analytics and Reporting


Interaction Categorization: Identifies and sorts the most relevant interactions within your custom categories.

First Contact Resolution (FCR) Analysis: Finds and targets common repeat interaction types and shows relationships between those interactions.

Root Cause Analysis: Determines the fundamental reasons customers interact with contact centers and identifies the agent behavioral and process issues that are most in need of attention.

Advance Reporting: Provides easy-to-read and interactive dashboards that highlight the relevant information that you need to make decisions.



Performance Management



User-Defined Quality Initiatives: Through customized metrics, gather quantitative information about your agents' performance.  

Drill-Down Capability: Ensures that actual interactions are always a click away and that supervisors do not spend extraneous time searching for relevant interactions to use in agent evaluations. 

Agent and Supervisor Portal: Front-line managers have access to dashboards where they can see how individuals are performing compared to the organization overall, and target coaching to address behaviors that are not best practices. Agents can review their performance for each interaction type, as well as how the are performing relative to peers. 

Evaluations Without Interactions: Launch evaluation forms without the context of an interaction to evaluate agents on non-interaction criteria such as schedule compliance.

Quality Workflow Engine:
Out-of-the-box evaluations workflow manages assignment queues and evaluation status, while providing the ability to group interactions by alert type, queue, reviewer, and across a range of time period.

Learn how you can begin gaining valuable insights for your business today. Contact us to find how or request a demo to see Nexidia Analytics in action.


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