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Unlock the value in audio and video content


Nexidia Analytics enables businesses and users to take advantage of opportunities never before possible. Nexidia’s unique approach delivers significant advantages over other search technologies and methodologies. And because our technologies integrate easily into your existing infrastructure with the lowest total cost of ownership of any audio search solution, you can begin capturing the value hidden in your unstructured audio and video recordings in just days—not weeks or months.

Key Benefits:

Maximum Scalability: 

Nexidia’s reliance on phonetic indexing and search technology for both ad-hoc queries and structured searches used to determine root cause provides far greater scalability in the amount of audio and video that can be searched. Nexidia enables you to handle large content sets quickly and begin work on them immediately. In addition, because the technology processes on Nexidia Search Grid™ architecture, which utilizes MapReduce-style framework, the configuration is easily expandable when interaction volumes increase or data retention periods grow.  And Nexidia does this with one logical instance of the system, as opposed to other solutions that would require multiple instances of software. 

Highest Accuracy: 

Nexidia Analytics combines the strengths of Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition "LVCSR" and phonetic indexing in a way that yields highly accurate results. For those product functions that utilize word level transcriptions of the audio, the transcripts are generated using advanced neural networks and language models that have been built with real-world conversational audio and text sources. Nexidia’s phonetic indexing process creates the most accurate index possible for any spoken content. All the original spoken content is retained in the indexes, thereby eliminating the introduction of an error when making a subjective decision to translate a word. When words or business logic needs to be changed for a search, the system can rapidly and accurately re-query the index without having to re-process the audio. And because Nexidia indexes 100% of the content, every second is always immediately searchable.


Nexidia’s experience enables us to handle all types of audio qualities, accents, and formats with ease. We currently support 44 different languages around the world, and can accept audio and video input and metadata from practically any type of recording platform.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: 

With scalability to handle large volumes of audio and video with minimal hardware; processing and indexing speeds that save time; plus industry-leading accuracy that delivers meaningful results in the shortest possible time, Nexidia Analytics delivers the best performance and lowest total cost of ownership for any speech analytics application.

Let the power of Nexidia's technology begin working for you today.

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