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Knowledge Center 2015 North American Customer Interaction Analytics New Product Innovation Award

2015 North American Customer Interaction Analytics New Product Innovation Award

US-based Nexidia has developed a sophisticated customer interaction analytics solution designed to manage and analyze customer interaction data in order to provide the best possible customer experience.


Nexidia Interaction Analytics, powered by patented proprietary technologies such as Nexidia Search Grid™, Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics™, Data Exchange Framework, Metrics-Driven Performance Management, and Real-Time Scan and Agent Assist delivers seamless scalability and significant reduction in the search time taken to analyze unstructured forms of data such as audio, SMS, social media, chat, e-mail, and surveys. Supporting massively parallel processing capability in a distributed architecture, the Interaction Analytics solution enables organizations to gather desired query results more efficiently than competing solutions.

Nexidia has proven to Frost and Sullivan its innovation and ability to deliver:

Scalability – Nexidia’s proprietary technology for turning interactions into usable data is more than 50 times more scalable than alternatives.

Flexibility – Nexidia’s commitment to open data standards ensures results from analytics are available for any type of downstream analysis. There are no hidden fees or red tape designed to hold data hostage.

Outcomes-based – The philosophy is “Analytics isn’t something you buy, it’s something you do.” Nexidia partners with customers and focuses on outcomes rather than software inputs.

Confirmed Referenceability – Nexidia’s customers are the largest and most referenceable in the market and have achieved the best outcomes in their industries.

In recognition of its innovative capabilities, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognize Nexidia Inc. as the recipient of the 2015 North American New Product Innovation Leadership Award in the customer interaction analytics market.