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Demos and Videos Webinar: Maximizing the Use and Value of Speech Generated Data

During this 2014 webinar you will learn:

  • The information you should expect to uncover during early discovery
  • The importance of being able to interact with the data at this stage of the process and the value of relationship mapping elements within interactions
  • An understanding of the difference between directional analysis and deep correlation analysis
  • Why having complete, open, flexible and accessible data is crucial at this stage in the process
  • How to uncover business issues using interaction generated data, quantify metrics which surround them, then focus on the resolutions’ impact
  • Case study examples of two companies who have successfully implemented both phases of interaction analytics:
  • A communications company who used early discovery to uncover processes and technologies needing adjustment and used the data to fix the processes, resulting in a strengthened customer experience
  • A financial services company who continually evolves practices to optimize efforts asked of their customer by organizing and quantitatively drilling into interactions.