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News Press Release: Nexidia’s Drew Lanham Awarded Speech Luminary Honor by Speech Technology Magazine

Nexidia’s Drew Lanham Awarded Speech Luminary Honor by
Speech Technology Magazine

Lanham Recognized for Expanding Nexidia’s Technology Reach into the Media and Entertainment Market

ATLANTA, GA — August 18, 2015 — Nexidia, a leading developer of dialogue and audio analysis products and technologies, today announced that Drew Lanham, Nexidia’s senior vice president and general manager of Media & Entertainment, has been named a 2015 Speech Luminary by Speech Technologymagazine. The announcement comes as a part of Speech Technology’s 2015 Speech Industry Awards, honoring “the breakthroughs and innovations of individuals, vendors, and user companies” in the speech industry.

Lanham is credited with expanding Nexidia’s Media and Entertainment division into several new areas, including digital media content search and quality control for closed captioning, video descriptions, and language. The expansion is due in large part to the release of three updates to the Nexidia Dialogue Search software in the past year. The improvements are integral in enabling a positive user experience and allowing unprecedented discovery of content in often enormous media archives. Lanham’s division is distinct in that it has leveraged Nexidia’s patented technology to pioneer new speech applications focused on challenges specific to the Media and Entertainment market.

In addition to the updates, Nexidia’s Media and Entertainment division launched Nexidia Illuminate, a suite of software products that include Nexidia QC, Nexidia Comply, and Nexidia Align. Nexidia Illuminate software checks for the presence and correctness of closed captions, spoken language, and video description in file-based program creation and broadcast compliance monitoring applications. The Nexidia Align software automates caption alignment by adjusting the timecodes in the caption file so that the captions are properly aligned with the spoken words and then returns a new, accurately timed caption file that’s ready for distribution.

“Receiving Speech Technology’s Speech Luminary award is a great recognition of all of the hard work the entire Media and Entertainment team have put in the past year,” said Lanham. “Our launch of Nexidia Illuminate software, together with the continued evolution of Nexidia Dialogue Search software, enables us to further partner with best-in-class media organizations, global broadcasters, and media outlets.”

More information about the award can be found here. More information about Nexidia and its products is available at www.nexidia.tv


About Nexidia

Nexidia develops and licenses unique audio analysis applications that enable both dialogue search across production and media asset management systems and file-based Nexidia QC software for closed captions, video description and languages. Nexidia provides solutions for leading media and entertainment companies including CBS, CNN, Comcast, PBS, Corus Media, Crawford Media, Cox Media, LDS Church, NBC News, NY Giants, PBS, Scripps Interactive, T3 Media, Turner Studios, and others. In addition, Nexidia-patented technologies and award winning applications have been successfully integrated by market leading companies like Aspera, Avid, Dalet, Evertz, IPV, Telestream, Vizrt, and Volicon.

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