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News Press Release: Nexidia Receives Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award

Nexidia Receives Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award

The Technology Powering Audio Discovery and Compliance Recognized by the Entertainment Industry.

ATLANTA, GA – Sept 23, 2015 – Nexidia, a market-leading provider of audio and video search technology, has been honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Science (NATAS) with a Technology and Engineering Achievement Emmy® Award. Nexidia’s patented speech technology, which enables searches for any combination of spoken words or phrases across workgroups or massive media libraries in seconds, allows broadcasters and other media organizations to dive deeply into even the largest of media archives to find assets that would have otherwise gone undiscovered.To view the original announcement, click here.

The same technology that powers these media asset management systems is also the industry standard for Audio Discovery and Compliance. Nexidia is installed and used for investigations by major regulatory institutions such as the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), as well as numerous federal and state agencies that oversee financial services and other commercial activities. And Nexidia provides both hosted and on-premise solutions to help companies deal with new regulations that have grown from this increased regulatory scrutiny.

“The Emmy is another proof of the value speech technology can bring in sorting through the massive amounts of audio and video in today’s world,” said Vice President and General Manager of Legal Markets, Jeff Schlueter. “Whether for Media companies or in the world of Audio Discovery and Compliance, Nexidia delivers award-winning scalable solutions for indexing, searching, and managing large volumes of audio and video content.”

About Nexidia

Nexidia is the audio and video search company with patented technologies and breakthrough applications that enable legal and compliance professionals to quickly and accurately search, review, and categorize large volumes of audio and video in response to discovery, regulatory investigations, and compliance operations. Nexidia was named the 2015 Market Winner in Speech Analytics by Speech Technology Magazine, the ninth consecutive year the company has earned this recognition. For more information, please visit www.nexidia.com/legal.

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